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For Demand Quotation and Sample Shipping, include Technical Specifications

For Demand Quotation and Sample Shipping, include Technical Specifications

To meet the most accurate requirements of customers.

Would you like to send a quote, sample goods, specifications please

Send email to: myungsungvinakorea@gmail.com

The following content :

- Type of cargo (truck tarp, tarpaulin, etc.) - Required parameters (if any): width, thickness, color, lining fabric, UV protection, fire resistance, desired plasticity etc.

- Order quantity: meters to "(depending on the type of goods, which are norms, for normal goods, will agree to produce with orders of 4000m or more for each type of goods)

For customers who already have a sample, please send the form to the company's address attached to the request, or you can come in person (please contact us first) at

Address: Long Phu Hamlet, Phuoc Thai Commune, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province.

Phone: (0251) 3 542 966/67/69/70 - Fax: (0251) 3 542 968

Thank you.

For retail customers

For retail customers

For customers who are non-agent organizations, they will base on the requirements of each customer to have preferential policies.

Requirements: purchase products of 4000m or more in the same color size.

No monthly revenue is required.

For details, please contact

Email: myungsungvina01@gmail.com ; myungsungvinakorea@gmail.com

Thank you.


For Dealers

For Dealers

Buy 4000m or more for a product (same size, thickness, color)

The thickness of 0.50 mm or more is entitled to discount sales policies of the company

By sales

Depending on the time, there will be special policies for agents. When purchasing contact will exchange specific details



  • : Vũ Thị Tâm

    : 0251 3 542 966/967/969/970

    : myungsungvinakorea@gmail.com

  • : Mr Seo

    : 0251 3542 966

    : myungsungvina01@gmail.com

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