Myung Sung Vina Co.,Ltd.
Factory : Long Phu Hamlet, Phước Thai village, Long Thành Dist, Đồng Nai Province, Vietnam.
Tel: 84-251 3 542 966/67/69/70 -  Fax : 84-2513 542 968
Office at Ho Chi Minh city : Office at Ho Chi Minh city : Number 97 street 12, Binh An Ward, 2 District, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam.
Tel: 84-8. 629 44 699 - Fax: 84-8. 629 44 700


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Myung Sung Vina Co., Ltd are Korean company specialized in manufacturing plastic Deco Ceramic Tile type used to line the floor and wall tiles. Tarpaulin PVC, PVC canvas used in the ad - tents and canvas covered trucks 420D / 630D, canvas and salt, processing and garment fabric backpacks, bags, swimming pool ,mesh plastic used for the construction, especially kind plastic film to use in make rainwear.....

Myung Sung Vina Co., Ltd., with its imported machinery line from Korea, technology from Myung Sung parent company in Korea brought to Vietnam ,plus technical and many years experience in the field of producing PVC products, our company has always provided our customers with quality products and reputation.

Our products are price affordable and superior quality is the best.

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1/ Factory: Myung Sung Vina Co.,Ltd

Long Phu Hamlet, Phuoc Thai village, Long Thành Dist, Đồng Nai Province, Vietnam.

Tel : 84-251 3 542 966/67/69/70  -   Fax : 84- 2513 542 968

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Contract to us: Mr Seo,  Ms. Tâm (84-947320037)

2/ Office Ho Chi Minh: Contract to us :

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